Here you can find our annual workshops, as well as conferences and competitions related to COSEAL.

The following calendar gives an overview of the upcoming events:

The calendar contains information on the deadlines for abstract and/or paper submissions as well as the dates of a conference, tutorial or workshop.

Currently,  the following events are covered (if the dates are already available):

  • Conferences:
    • AAAI
    • CP
    • CPAIOR
    • ECAI
    • EMO
    • GECCO
    • ICML
    • IJCAI
    • LION
    • PPSN
    • SSCI
    • useR!
  • Workshops and Seminars:
    • COSEAL
    • Dagstuhl Seminars
    • mlR
    • OpenML

If you think, it should contain any further events, feel free to contact us.