COSEAL is an international group of researchers interested in algorithm selection, algorithm configuration and related topics. The group consists of more than 130 members from more than 20 international institutes (as of August 2022).

Members have the advantages of:

  • Receiving news via our COSEAL mailing list (if wanted); and
  • Being listed as a COSEAL member on the COSEAL homepage.

You can join us if your research interests are somehow along the lines of COSEAL. If you are interested in joining us, please apply via the Google form.

Note that the applications are reviewed at least once per month. Correspondingly, if you do not hear back from us within 4 weeks, please reach out to us.

Notes regarding COSEAL membership:

  • A company/organization listed on the website as an affiliation does not imply that COSEAL
    endorses, supports or agrees with it in any way.
  • COSEAL does not endorse or support any research into military purposes (in particular into lethal autonomous weapon systems).

If you have questions, please contact: