Here are a few suggestions for your lunches on Monday and Tuesday, less than 10mn walk from the venue. Once again, Place du Colonel Bourgoin is the place to start your quest from.

  • L’Alchimiste, 181 rue de Charenton (on the way to Place du Colonel Bourgoin), traditional French food with a touch of exotism
  • La Boutique, sur la place , exellent traditional French brasserie
  • Le Lys d’Or, sur la place, excellent Chinese restaurant
  • Sushi Maydo, rue Enard (next door to the Lys d’Or), guess what (never tried)
  • The Boulangerie, sur la place, between rues Crozatier and Chaligny, sandwiches etc with good fresh French bread
  • Le Bourgoin (yes, sur la place :-), traditional French brasserie (never tried)
  • a small Asian fast food, if you are in a hurry, sur la place
  • Le Barracuda, sur la place, Tapas, never tried (but nice looking)
  •  Le Remontalou, 82 avenue Dausmesnil (on the way back from Place du Colonel Bourgoin), traditional French brasserie (never tried)
  • Le Repaire, 100 avenue Daumesnil (usual canteen for Inria meetings), very good traditional French brasserie
  • FOndue Chon Qing, 145 (?) avenue Daumesnil (the closest from Inria, just accross the street), good ‘all-you-can-eat’ Asian

and many more if you walk a little more from Place du Colonel Bourgoin. The prices are usually around 12-15€ for the main course, except of course at the boulangerie and the Asian fast food.

Bon appétit.